Rosebud Massage Studio

Be nurtured among nature in our peaceful studio setting in Rosebud, just minutes from Dromana, McCrae & Rye and en-route to the hot springs.  Our Rosebud massage studio is available just for you or come and share the experience with a friend or someone special.  Enhance the experience by adding an indulgent pamper package to your massage (see below).

Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage

Our therapeutic massage techniques focus on the areas of your body that are holding tension, thereby releasing physical pain and stress and improving muscle function. You can request the level of pressure but our focus is to still allow you to relax and activate your body’s natural healing abilities.

We use a holistic approach to massage and include reiki healing as part of our techniques. Reiki encourages the flow of the body’s own energies or qi (chi). This creates a massage that leaves you feeling both relaxed and invigorated/re-energised at the same time.

Our standard massage appointment is 75 minutes allowing extra time to focus on key areas of pain/stress, however you can always choose a time frame that suits you best.

75 minutes: $130
60 minutes: $105
90 minutes $150

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle, rhythmic massage that enhances the flow of lymph through the body, removing toxins, releasing pain, reducing swelling and improving immunity.

Most of the lymphatic fluid sits just under the surface of the skin so the gentle pressure and direction of the massage is very specific.  It is useful for treating a wide range of health issues, such as migraines, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, fluid retention, oedema, sports injuries, sinus pain and hayfever and is beneficial pre and post surgery.

75 minutes: $130
90 minutes: $150

Hot stone massage

Feel the stress melt away with a Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage available in our Rosebud massage studio.  The heat of the stones ease muscle pain and tension and improve circulation as well promoting deeper relaxation.

75 minutes: $155
90 minutes: $180

Pamper packages to enhance your massage experience

Add an indulgent 30 minute face pamper, scalp treatment and/or foot pamper
to your massage for an additional $60 per treatment.

Special Pamper Packages:

60 minute pamper: $125   … 30 minute massage plus a 30 minute face or scalp or foot pamper

90 minute pamper: $165   … 60 minute massage plus plus a 30 minute face or scalp or foot pamper

120 minute indulgence: $230 … 60 minute massage plus a face and scalp and foot pamper – heaven!

Bookings essential

For  bookings please call or text 0418 575 840

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